3-D Feathers

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Clint Appelt

Sunday, September 15

Full Day

9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Class description

In this fun and informative class, you will learn to carve a realistic 3-D feather that looks as if it is raised from the gourd. You will be shown how to apply real beads and leather to quill, and how to paint the feather such that it looks like an actual feather hanging on your gourd. You will also learn how to apply and carve quick wood to the quill to look like the quill down. If time permits, you will learn how to set a cabochon, provided by the instructor, into the gourd.

All levels of students are welcome to join this class.

The instructor will supply sample feathers, a tutorial, paint, quick wood, beads and leather for quill.

What you are required to bring

Each student is required to bring the following items to class:

  • A very thick, tall body gourd
  • A rotary tool
  • A Saburrtooth flame burr
  • A Saburrtooth cone burr
  • A 1/4" diamond ball burr
  • A very thin 4mm diamond wheel burr
  • A filipoint burr
  • A wood burning tool with tips
  • An assortment of small and medium detail paint brushes
  • A pencil and eraser
  • Eye protection - Eye glasses or Safety glasses
  • Dust Mask
  • Be on time and bring a sack lunch with you

If you have any questions about the supplies, give Clint a call at the phone number below.

About the instructor

Clint Appelt has been teaching private classes, gourd patch workshops and many gourd festivals for over 12 years. Over the years, he has taken many, many classes from well-know gourd artists. He enjoys sharing his tips and tricks of gourding with others. Clint lives in northern Nevada and gets his artistic inspiration from wildlife.

Questions about this class?

You can contact Clint at [email protected] or 775-771-2092

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