Dancing Ring

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Toni Best

Saturday, September 14

Full Day

9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Class description

Students will learn to create a teneriffe ring with double buttonhole stitch. They will attach this to their basket after coiling 2 rows of pine needles. Students are able to decide where the ring will look the best on their gourd. Floating coils help to make the ring "dance" on their gourd.

This class is for all levels. Some students will complete the project. Others will be given enough materials and information to complete it at home.

I will provide prepared gourd, pine needles, sewing needle, waxed linen, ring, and tutorial.

What you are required to bring

Each student is required to bring the following items to class:

  • Small sharp scissors
  • Apron

Class Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel this class, you MUST contact us before September 1, 2019 in order to receive a refund. Note that NGS will withhold $10 per cancelled class to cover processing fees. To cancel, call Patti Jo Newsom @ 817-917-7873 or email [email protected]

If this class does not meet the minimum number of students by September 1st, the class will be cancelled, you will be contacted, and your full registration fee will be refunded.

About the instructor

Toni Best has been creating baskets for over 60 years. Her beloved pine needles work has evolved from being symmetrical with Native American influences to more innovative art pieces. Her work has been accepted in Reno by Handweavers Guild of America in 2018, and recently into Basketry Now exhibit for the National Basketry Organization in 2019.

Questions about this class?

Email Toni at: [email protected]

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