Dream Catcher Bird or Kokopelli

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Clint Appelt

Saturday, June 1st

Full Day

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

$65.00 + small processing fee

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Class description

Let me show you my tips and tricks for creating this beautiful dream catcher in the shape of a bird, or a kokopelli--your choice. You will learn how to cut a circular hole in the front on the gourd for the dream catcher, how to start sinue and use end of sinue as your needle, how to space holes without a tape measure, and how to place accents in the dream catcher, and more. I will supply the sinue, paints, beads and glue, and anything else that is required for the project with the exception of the items below which you are required to bring with you.

What you are required to bring

  • If you have one or more special accents you want to apply feel free to bring them.
  • Rotary drill and assortment of sm. bits.
  • Dust mask.
  • Compass with a metal pointed side and pencil or lead in the other side.
  • A cleaned gourd of your choice large enough to put dream catcher in. (A tall penguin gourd, a tall body gourd, etc.) The gourd does not have to be real thick for this project. To save class time, please cut off the bottom of the gourd--about 1/2 inch up from the bottom. Then clean out the inside of the gourd.

Contact Clint if you have any questions about these supplies (see his contact info below).

About the instructor

Clint has taught at many gourd festivals & patches in California, Nevada & Arizona. He has been published in many newspapers & magazines and has taught many private classes.

Questions about this class?

Contact Clint at [email protected] or 775-771-2092

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