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Educational and Informational Internet Sites

Here you will find some of our favorite internet sites for learning more about gourding:

The American Gourd Society - Our parent organization has a wealth of gourding information on its website. If you are a member of AGS, you receive quarterly publications of "Gourd" magazine which has many informational articles on gourding.

Gourd Art Enthusiasts - Forum discussions and LOTS of photos to enjoy.

Facebook - Search "gourd"

Google - Search "gourd"

Sue Walters - You'll find a wealth of pyrography information on her site.

Sawdust Connection - This site is rich with information on tools and techniques.

Maria's Art Creations - A source of information for decorating techniques.

The Gourd Reserve - Another great site on gourding.

You can also go to the following sites to subscribe to e-newsletters that will keep you up-to-date on the latest in gourding:

Video Tutorial Internet Sites

If you like "visual" learning, you might want to check out some of the gourding videos that are out in the cloud.

You Tube - Search "gourd" to find many gourd related videos.

You Tube - Search on "Miriam Joy gourd" She has many nice tutorial videos.

Welburn Gourd Farm - You'll find more videos here.

Sue Walters - For videos pertaining to pyrography.

Maria's Art Creations - Great videos for decorating techniques.