Footed Ammonite Vase

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Vickie Echols

Friday, September 13

Full Day

9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Class description

You will begin by constructing a foot to support the gourd. I will show you how to construct the foot to support the weight of the ammonite. Next, I will teach you to couch pine needles around the ammonite and then how carry the coil to the rim of the gourd. You will learn floating coils, twists and shaping techniques and lots more!

This class is for all levels of gourders. Most students should finish but it does depend on the individual skill level.

I will supply the prepared gourd (ammonite set in & holes drilled), 1/4 lb glycerinated pine needles, Irish waxed linen, stitching needle and a detailed tutorial to be emailed after the class.

What you are required to bring

Sharp scissors, small needle nose plyers, jewelry size wire cutters

Class Cancellation Policy

f you need to cancel this class, you MUST contact us before September 1, 2019 in order to receive a refund. Note that NGS will withhold $10 per cancelled class to cover processing fees. To cancel, call Patti Jo Newsom @ 817-917-7873 or email [email protected]

If this class does not meet the minimum number of students by September 1st, the class will be cancelled, you will be contacted, and your full registration fee will be refunded.

About the instructor

Vickie Echols fell in love with gourds when she went to her first gourd festival in 2000. She was so inspired by what she saw that it has become her passion and full-time business. Vickie enjoys her travels to gourd festivals, basket guilds and private classes around the country.

Vickie describes her work as "Using Nature". With encouragement from her patch, Vickie started teaching pine needle coiling on gourds and has been enjoying it for 19 years. Vickie took up pottery during high school and feels this has inspired her pine needle basketry.

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Email Vickie at: [email protected]

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